Thursday, August 27, 2015


ATTENTION EVERYBODY it has come to the time today.........
It is now CHUBBY TIME!!!!!!!!

Mr. Talented

What I do:
  1. Lick
  2. Eat cookies
  3. Balance stuff
  4. Lick my best friends faces
  5. sleep
  6. itch face
  7. Be chubby
  8. Get belly rubs

Ahhhhh..... cookies!

Let's dream about cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Angry

He's having a fit!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pete's toung get's bigger

"I need a break!!!""I caught 2 balls today..... So much work!"


He's a criminal!!

When He Tore Up The Couch


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To Friends From Chubbs

Hi friends!

Dear Friends,
Happy National Dog Day!
Remember to give out those cookies.
Mr. Chubby

Do you think I got chubbier?

Happy National Dog Day!
Don't buy pets from a store go to a shelter!
Everybody should have one to take care of.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I discovered one of Pete's best hobbies.
I put a cup on Pete's head and he was holding it for ever!
His best was 63 seconds, that's 1 minute 3 seconds!
We practice, make goals and record.
Videos will be shown tomorrow.
By the way, did you notice that Pete always has one ear up and one ear down?
Thanks for reading today.

 Everybody With A Dog!!!
Control your dog.  Keep them on leashes.
Pete never barks at other dogs or people.
For some reason Pete is the biggest dog I ever saw.

He's  my big boy.
He weighs 83 pounds!
Here is a Pinterest board it's stuff were going to do for Pete!
Try it and like us on Pinterest.

The slogan says it all! Dogs are more valuable...
This is totally my dog and I.

Pete Has An Anxiety Problem

A few years ago, we discovered that Pete had an anxiety problem.
We started to put him in a crate that looked like this:
GoPetClub 42-inch 2-Door Metal Folding Dog Crate w/ Divider
The crate was in the dinning room.
He ripped up the mat on the bottom of the crate.
 About 1 week later he ripped up the carpet in the dinning room.
We then moved Pete in the living room [right next to the couch.]
We thought he would be happier there.
Nope! He just ripped up the edge of the couch.
We moved him back to the dining room
About 2 weeks later he ripped the cage apart.
Before the accident happened that day he was walking in the cage in the hall way. He hit the wall and now there's scrapes in in the wall.
Pete broke out his teeth because of this.
When my mom and I came home that day the crate was broke, he hardly had any teeth, and there was blood all over his face.
I was about to cry.
We brought him to the vet and he was fine.
They cleaned him up.
I was happy he was okay

My theory is that Pete has a wife named Leslie and 3 puppies. Pete always forgot the names of  the puppies so they just called them Uno, Dose, and  Tres.  What we really know is that Pete was put in a field all by himself.  I think that person took Pete, Leslie and the puppies. Luckily I think they escaped and never saw Pete again.  Now Pete lives with my family.  He has been with me my whole life. He's like my body guard.  He gets as much belly rubs and cookies as he wants these days.  Pete has the happiest home!!!
Meet Pete the chubby doggy
This is Pete.  He is one of my best friends.
His full name is Peter Alexander Petrovsky .
He is a lab/pit.
He has no teeth.
He doesn't bite or bark at you he just LICKS you.
He's too chubby for love...
You could never say no to him.  He's just so cute!
He's bad at playing any game, especially fetch.
I love him with all my life.